Sloan M Coll



My Pseudonym, Sloan M Coll comes from Celtic mythology and refers to the Salmon of Knowledge who resides in a sacred pool and gains the knowledge and wisdom of all arts and sciences by feeding on the nine nuts of the Hazel Tree (Coll) which fall in to the water.  Although I do not believe I will ever possess such an abundance of wisdom, I do hope to continually add to my level of knowledge and understanding by always striving for improvement in both the practice of my craft and interactions with my fellow humans.

Thus far, I have begun seven works of fiction, completed three (one of which is mentioned below as currently an epub offering with Barnes & Noble) and have spent several years seeking traditional publication before embarking on my adventure in the world of electronic publishing.  I am currently re-editing another of my completed novels in preparation for my next epub submission. 

I was born and raised in Connecticut and now reside in Maine, where I graduated the University of Maine with a BA in Psychology. After working several years in my chosen field, I am now devoting my energies to continuing efforts on my works in progress, revising those already completed, and seeking publication for those that are ready to leave home.  One completed novel, Itch, is currently on sale as a Nookbook with Barnes & Noble.

My leisure time is spent with my husband, five cats, one piano and several flutes....and traveling as often as I can.

" For the salmon was a salmon of knowledge, that had fed on nuts fallen from the nine hazels of poetic art."

- Robert Graves, The White Goddess

"Which Hazel do you receive:Poetry - Reflection - Meditation - Lore - Research - Great Knowledge - Intelligence - Understanding - Wisdom"

- Kisma K. Stepanich, Faery Wicca Tarot